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The vast sea of humanity, how to find like-minded friends small harbour?

When a beautiful and creative glass works in front of you, is not it will bring you a throb, a joy and relaxation? The station is represented by a glass bottle and glass works like lovers to establish, with the hope that greater international glass works lovers. A lot of friends design works great, their production quality, design idea and design style, give a person a kind of different feelings and state, very good!

The station is pure works show site, not for profit purposes, only for the exchange of existence. We are not businessmen, sorry not to be able to provide business opportunities. We just wanted to come here and people pay more attention to glass bottles, glass works, pay more attention to production technology and process, design and style.

Hope that through such a platform, make more good friends, more like-minded people, exchange of experience and perception. If you are such a lover, please contact me, we together with rich taste!